The Thorvin Advantage

Thorvin delivers the most nutrient-rich kelp ingredients on the market for human, animal, and plant nutrition. We harvest from the cleanest kelp beds on Earth, and then dry and handle fresh harvests using exclusive methods that “lock-in” a powerful array of bioavailable minerals, vitamins, and beneficial phytonutrients. Learn more about the Thorvin Advantage and what makes us unique, including our sustainability commitment.

Woman and Thorvin Seaweed


Thorvin sea vegetable ingredients elevate the nutrient density of food formulations and are valued in dietary supplements for mineral balancing, thyroid function, and weight management.

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Strawberries and Thorvin Kelp Fertilizers


Thorvin kelp ingredients for plant nutrition deliver trace minerals and nutrients essential for soil fertility and plant vigor. View Thorvin products for both dry and liquid formulations.

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Dog and Thorvin Kelp Animal Supplement


Add Thorvin kelp to your animal nutrition products to satisfy trace mineral deficiencies, support healthy skin and coat, and deliver 100% natural iodine for thyroid function.

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Cow and Thorvin Animal Feed Supplements


Thorvin for Animals is the #1 natural trace mineral supplement for raising and maintaining healthy livestock. Also see our quality kelp ingredients for technical feed formulations.

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We back our claims and commitments with independent third-party certification. Look for the Organic, Kosher and OMRI seals next to individual Thorvin product offerings.

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Thorvin Blog

Longtime Thorvin Enthusiast


It was a profound pleasure to visit Jack Bostic and see his homestead farm. It was immediately apparent that this man has a vast amount of experience in, and knowledge of, growing and caring for plants. He uses Thorvin for Plants – Foliar and Thorvin’s kelp meal very successfully on his four acres of organic gardens and orchards. Jack was happy to share how he does it, and his sense of humor really makes you feel at home. When asked how he applied foliar spray, his reply was priceless: “I use a sprayer, of course! …any time I spray anything, I throw some seaweed into it. I use surfactant to make it stick to the leaves. I started out using natural soaps or real mild detergent, but for several years now, I’ve been using a natural surfactant made from yucca.”

Jack has over 100 apple and pear trees and estimates that he grows between 50 and 75 different varieties of apples. He’s been adding seaweed to his soil mix before planting for over 40 years. When asked how often he sprays Thorvin for Plants – Foliar, Jack says it varies depending on crop, season and if the plants are stressed or not. Typically, he sprays 2 – 3 times per season.

It was a treat to have a tour of his orchard, gardens and root cellar and a pleasure to enjoy samples of many of his crops, including more varieties of apples than you’ll find in any supermarket.

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