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Meet Bill Wolf, our Founder

Thorvin founder Bill Wolf

Seaweeds became a passion for me in 1971, while I was working with Bucky Fuller in the Northeast, studying the impact of human behavior on Earth’s resources. I discovered that the locals ate seaweed, fertilized their gardens, fed their livestock, and banked the foundations of their buildings with seaweed in order to insulate against the cold and winter wind. What useful plants!

Since that summer, I’ve learned a great deal more about the oceans and the plants that grow in them. To date, over 25,000 species of seaplants have been identified. They are a sustainable resource and produce the majority of our oxygen and carbon collection.

I’ve searched the world for the finest sea vegetables and the best ways to capture their value. I am pleased to offer several species through our Thorvin brand, and am especially proud of our certified organic kelps form Iceland, the finest certified organic kelps available in commercial quantities. Organic sea vegetation standards help support an economic model that assures sustainability and quality, protects our nurseries, and benefits the local and global communities.

Thorvin is useful in foods, supplements, cosmetics, fertilizers, and animal feeds. Think Thorvin for healthy people, and for healthier soils, plants, and animals.

Working together for a greener planet, we are making a difference.