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Open/Close Thorvin for Animals – for Farmers

Open/Close Thorvin 1000TM – for Formulators & Farmers

Open/Close Thorvin Icelandic Geothermal Kelp – for Formulators

What the Experts Say

“I have observed Thorvin improving dairy cow health and performance on farms for 20+ years.” Gary Zimmer, Biological Farming Expert & Dairy Farmer (WI)

“We prefer Thorvin. Other kelps just don’t contain the same mineral levels.” Joel Salatin, Farmer & Author, Polyface Farms (VA)

When I encounter pinkeye, hairy warts, ringworm, or breeding problems, my first question to farm clients is, ‘Are you feeding Thorvin?’” Paul Detloff, D.V.M & Livestock Consultant (WI)

“If you’re raising broilers, I sure hope you’re feeding Thorvin.” Kipp Jaszewski, Mountain Meadow Farm (VA)

“I switched to Thorvin and saw an almost immediate difference in the quality of the milk – higher butterfat and higher production.” Kristie Miller, (MI)

“Thorvin is a standard part of our feed program because it keeps our herd healthy.” Tony Azevedo, Dairy Farmer and Past President, WODPA (CA)