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Image of a bayThe days are getting longer and a bit warmer in Iceland, and that signals the start of Thorvin’s new harvest season for our Icelandic Geothermal Kelp – Ascophyllum nodosum. This nutrient‐rich species of kelp is used in several of Thorvin’s products in the agricultural, pet, and nutritional markets.

Best known for its nutrient density and cleanliness, Thorvin is harvested from a protected fjord in Northwest Iceland.

Ascophyllum nodosum grows near the surface where it benefits from the long days of summer, close to the Arctic Circle. As a tidal zone species, it collects nutrients very efficiently from the surrounding seawater.

Kelp mower

Harvested between low and high tides, Asco is cut using a sickle bar mower. It is a lot like harvesting hay – on water. By using a gentle mower, Thorvin tends carefully to the surrounding eco‐habitat, in accordance with sustainability criteria set forth in the National Organic Program standards as a wild crop harvest.

“Each bed is mapped and managed as part of our sustainability program,” says Eli Chandler, Operations Manager for Thorvin. “We harvest each unique bed every three to five years so we assure robust regrowth and long‐term sustainability for the seaweed beds and for our customers.”

image of dried kelp

The fresh harvests are dried immediately at controlled temperatures, using geothermal energy. The drying process not only protects biological values, it also prevents oxidation. Independent testing verifies Thorvin’s exceptional nutrient make up.

The current harvest will reach the market as early as July 2014. Meanwhile, Thorvin has ample supply of product to meet immediate customer needs. For more information, thorvin.com / 800.464.0417

Thorvin delivers the world’s finest nutrients derived from seaplants for optimal health – for people, plants, and animals. Thorvin is available through a network of specialty distributors and local dealers—and direct to wholesale customers when a distributor is not available.

The classic blue Thorvin Mineral Feeder is 30 inches in diameter and 12 inches tall and weighs 40 lbs. The feeder has two compartments and holds 100 lbs. of Thorvin for Animals. The flap on top protects the contents and promotes longer usage. The unit can be anchored for additional security. For more info, contact Thorvin.