Specialty Kelp Ingredients for
Nutritional Formulations

Image of healthy womanSea vegetables have been an integral part of the human diet for centuries, and even deliver greater nutrient value than land plants. Kelp is valued in functional foods and dietary supplements for a variety of benefits. From the Sea, for Your HealthSM

In Food Formulations

Sea vegetables offer a range of functions from weight reduction and slimming to thyroid health and immune support. Thorvin kelp ingredients are particularly well regarded for elevating nutrient density because of their micro‐ and phytonutrient profile. Even small amounts deliver substantial value. Use Thorvin in smoothies, frozen foods, protein & fiber bars, breads, soups, and as a salt replacement or herb.

In Dietary Supplements

Thorvin is best known as the #1 natural source of iodine, an essential mineral for thyroid function and metabolic health. But that’s not all: Thorvin ingredients contain an array of bioactive compounds, and there is emerging research linking sea vegetation to anti‐aging, disease prevention, weight loss, and immune system response.

Thorvin is harvested sustainably from the mineral‐rich waters of a pristine Icelandic fjord and then dried at controlled temperatures to preserve biological values. Our products are GMO‐free, Certified 100% Organic, and Kosher.


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