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Thorvin contains a complex array of bioavailable minerals, vitamins, and beneficial phytonutrients, which are important for healthy metabolic function including digestion, skin and coat health, and immune response. Sought-after for pet food and treat formulations, Thorvin is also used in supplements.

For this interview, we had the good fortune of speaking with Greg Tilford, expert in veterinary botanical medicine, accomplished author, and president for Animal Essentials, a pet supplement company. We wanted to learn more about SeaDENT for Dogs, new oral hygiene product that incorporates Thorvin.

SeaDent botanical pet food supplementWhat is SeaDENT?
“SeaDENT is a botanical supplement for dogs that fights dental plaque and bad breath. It’s a blend of mineral-rich kelp and plant enzymes, and it’s easy to apply by just sprinkling it on your dog’s food.”

How does SeaDENT work?
“Kelp contains a range of trace minerals and naturally occurring chemical compounds that support healthy teeth and gums. For instance, some kelps [Thorvin] contain polysaccharides which have antibacterial properties. These polysaccharides are viscous and put up a barrier that protects healthy bacterial communities. The plant enzymes help to breakdown food particles that inevitably get caught between the teeth and under the gum lines. The kelp and plant enzymes work synergistically to fight plaque and maintain oral health.”

As a pet supplement manufacturer, what’s important to you when sourcing kelp?
“We hold the Certificate of Best Manufacturing Practices from the National Animal Supplement Council (NASC), so product quality is foremost. Kelps are a great source of trace minerals and some kelps are higher in value than others, so we look carefully at nutrient density. And of course, to bring high quality products to market we look carefully at the site and cleanliness of harvest.”

Thorvin pet specialty ingredients are available in 50-lb bags, 25-kg bags, and metric-ton totes. It only takes small amounts (0.25% to 1% of dry matter) to support optimal health. If you’d like to discuss using Thorvin in your pet food, treat, or supplement formulation, or would like samples, contact Thorvin.

The classic blue Thorvin Mineral Feeder is 30 inches in diameter and 12 inches tall and weighs 40 lbs. The feeder has two compartments and holds 100 lbs. of Thorvin for Animals. The flap on top protects the contents and promotes longer usage. The unit can be anchored for additional security. For more info, contact Thorvin.