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Milts Bacon Double Cheeseburger

Milt’s Bacon Double Cheeseburger

Ruby Ranch in Green River, Utah provides the Thorvin-fed pastured beef to make the “Best Old-Fashioned Burger in Utah” at Milt’s, Moab’s oldest restaurant. Kerry Rozman says, “I’m convinced the minerals are part of what gives it a lot better flavor.”

Kerry & Curtis Rozman learned about Thorvin in 1998 from veterinarian Dr. Paul Dettloff. At the time, they were selling their 90-head dairy farm in Wyoming to move to Utah and save their 2800-acre family ranch from foreclosure. Slowly expanding from 60 to 830 irrigated acres in the arid desert, they now have 300 beef cows, all fed Thorvin free-choice. Kerry insists that it’s the Thorvin that makes their beef taste so good. They finish all their steers on their own alfalfa hay and corn silage and sell direct. Milt’s uses about a cow a day and is one of several retail outlets who love their beef.

Kerry’s cows prefer kelp, fed free choice, over any other supplement she offers them. When asked why she feeds Thorvin to her cows, horses and other animals, Kerry reports that she’s repeatedly observed healthier animals and better tasting meat when she’s feeding them Thorvin.

After seeing the results with Thorvin, they applied for a dealership to sell Thorvin kelp to their neighbors and are now sharing the benefits with others, including goat herdsmen.

Kerry also reports they are excited about Thorvin’s new soluble extract crop spray formula and plan to add it to their pivot irrigation of their alfalfa in 2018. They also plan to try Thorvin’s new Coarse Flakes for grazing and Thorvin’s Mineral Feeder!

The classic blue Thorvin Mineral Feeder is 30 inches in diameter and 12 inches tall and weighs 40 lbs. The feeder has two compartments and holds 100 lbs. of Thorvin for Animals. The flap on top protects the contents and promotes longer usage. The unit can be anchored for additional security. For more info, contact Thorvin.