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Breidafjord bay harvest bedWe choose our kelp species for their nutrient content, clean growing site, and sustainability of harvest. Thorvin for Animals is harvested in Northwest Iceland in the pristine Breidafjord bay. The cold clean waters of the Fjord are richly mineralized by many geothermal hot springs supplying deep earth minerals, glacial milch rivers, and the upsurge from the meeting of the Arctic and Gulf currents. Our kelps are fresh cut using sustainable methods that protect the biodiversity of the fjord, and only a tiny percentage of the new growth is harvested each year. After selective harvest, the kelp is quickly moved to dryers using controlled low temperatures, protecting its powerful nutrient profile and preventing surface oxidation. Our commitment to sustainability continues with our dryers which are powered by geothermal energy. We work with distributors all over the country who are educated about our mission and trained to best serve the customer.

The classic blue Thorvin Mineral Feeder is 30 inches in diameter and 12 inches tall and weighs 40 lbs. The feeder has two compartments and holds 100 lbs. of Thorvin for Animals. The flap on top protects the contents and promotes longer usage. The unit can be anchored for additional security. For more info, contact Thorvin.